Stretch Moves

Stretch Moves

Welcome to Stretch Moves Muscle Recovery. We are here to help you take care of your body and mind using highly effective, proven services. Each individual is treated as such, with a training and recovery plan based around your specific needs and goals.

Our coaches look at movement through a different lens, both on the field and in daily life, by understanding the body and the neurology that drives it. Whether you are a youth looking to stand out from the crowd, an elite athlete looking to set a personal record, or a mature adult looking to improve flexibility and mobility, we are here to bring you back into balance.

STICK MOBILITY by Stretch Moves has arrived at BRSC!!!
Fridays at 11:00am
Saturdays at 10:15 am

Discount punch cards are available at the front desk!
members: $72/6 classes     non-members: $90/6 classes
Drop in rates:  $15 for members     $20 for non-members
(Discount punch cards available at the front desk)

For more information about Stretch Moves Holistic Wellness, go to or call 202-455-6014 to sign up.

To make an appointment with Stretch Moves:
Please visit or contact Jose Chaco directly at  202-455-6014