Swim Lessons Schedule & Fees

For questions about lessons, please contact Aquatics Director Kim Spina at
703-250-1299 or email her at kspina@nationscapitalswimming.com.

(No 2nd Child Discount)

Click here for a copy of:  3rd Session of Stroke School Schedule

WINTER/SPRING, 2020 – 6 Lessons ONLY

Monday, February 24th thru March 30th, 2020
Tuesday, February 25th thru March 31st, 2020
Thursday, February 27th thru April 2nd, 2020
Saturday, February 22nd thru March 28th, 2020

SPRING 2020 – 8 Lessons TBA
Sunday, March 15th thru May 17th (no classes on 4/5, 4/12)

LATE FALL/WINTER, 2019 – 8 Lessons
(All Swim Classes are full.

MONDAYS –  Dec. 2 thru Feb. 10 (no class: 12/23, 12/30, 1/27)
TUESDAYS – Dec. 3 thru Feb. 11 (no class: 12/24, 12/31, 1/28)
THURSDAYS – Dec. 5 thru Feb. 6 (no class: 12/26. 1/2)
SATURDAYS – Dec. 7 thru Feb. 8 (no class: 12/28, 1/4)

WINTER, 2020 – 8 Lessons
SUNDAYS – Jan. 5 thru Mar. 1
(no class on 2/16)

LTS 1 (Winter/Spring Session – 6 lessons)
Designed for those who are new to the water environment. Water adjustment skills will be introduced.
30 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday         5:30–6:00pm 

Tuesday       5:00-5:30pm 

Thursday      5:00–5:30pm

Saturday      10:30–11:00am

LTS 2 (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed for those who have mastered the basic adjustment skills. Prerequisite: comfortable floating with face in water for 5 seconds and roll to back float for 5 seconds. Exit skills include: Arm and leg movements for 15 feet on front and back.
30 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday       5:30–6:00pm

Tuesday       6:00-6:30pm

Thursday     5:30–6:00pm

Saturday     11:00–11:30am

LTS 3 (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed for those who have mastered the Level 2 skills. Prerequisite: swim 15 feet free and back. Butterfly introduced. Exit skills include: treading water for 60 seconds and swimming front crawl for 15 yards.
30 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday         5:30–6:00pm

Tuesday          5:00–5:30pm

Thursday         6:00–6:30pm

Saturday        11:00–11:30am

LTS 4   (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed for those who can swim 15 yards freestyle and 15 yards backstroke continuously. Breaststroke and butterfly will be introduced. Exit skills include: 25 yards Front crawl and Elementary Backstroke, and 15 yards Breaststroke.
45 minute classes    $162 per session

Monday           6:00–6:45pm

Saturday         11:30–12:15pm

LTS 5  ( Winter/Spring Session- 6 weeks)
Designed for those who have mastered the four basic strokes. Stroke refinement and endurance will be emphasized.
55 minute classes    $210 per session

Saturday   11:30am–12:25pm

PRESCHOOL CLASSES (ages 42 months through 5 years)

PS 1  (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed to introduce children to the aquatic environment and to help them acquire the basic swimming skills.
25 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday         5:00–5:25pm

Tuesday        5:30-5:55pm

Thursday      5:00–5:25pm

Saturday     10:30–10:55am

PS 2   (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed to build on skills learned in Level One. Prerequisite: comfortable with face in water and floating on back.
25 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday          5:00–5:25pm

Tuesday         5:30- 5:55pm

Thursday       5:00–5:25pm

Saturday      10:00–10:25am

PS 3    (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed to increase proficiency and build on previously learned skills by providing additional guided practice. Prerequisite: glide on back and swim on front for 10 feet with face in water.
25 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday         5:00–5:25pm

Tuesday        5:30-5:55pm

Thursday      5:30–5:55pm

Saturday    10:00–10:25am

PS 4   (Winter/Spring Session – 6 weeks)
Designed to increase endurance and water safety awareness. Prerequisite: swim front crawl 20 feet and swim on back using a finning motion with flutter kick for 20 feet. Treading water for 30 seconds is also required.
25 minute classes    $108 per session

Monday         5:00–5:25pm

Tuesday        6:00-6:25pm

Thursday      5:30–5:55pm

Saturday    10:00–10:25am


MOMMY (or DADDY) AND ME (ages 6 months to 42 months)

PAC   (Winter/Spring Session – 8 weeks)
Designed for the parent and child to learn the enjoyment of water activity through games and group activities. Swimmer will learn basic water skills.
25 minute classes     $90 per session
Saturdays    10:30–10:55am

ADULT SWIM — Back-to-Basics
Adult group lessons (small groups) designed to refine swimming skills that support swimming as part of a regular fitness routine.  Drop in welcome.
Cost   $21 per lesson







Advanced Friday 12-12:45pm
Sunday 3-3:45pm
Beginner* Saturday 9:15-10:00am
(*Beginner sessions follow the Fall session schedule above) Sunday 3-3:45pm

Available by appointment
30 minute session
One Student  $47      Two or more students  $29 each

  • After the first 30 minutes, classes will be charged in 15-minute increments at the prevailing rate.
  • All private lessons are arranged through the Aquatics Office.
  • Please note:  There is a fee of $25.00 for lessons cancelled with less than 24- hrs notice to the instructor

To request a private instructional session, email- kspina@nationscapitalswimming.com.


  • Registration is confirmed with payment only.

  • There are no refunds.

  • There are no make-ups.

  • Individual classes cancelled by BRSC will be rescheduled.

  • Use of the pool other than class time is limited to members only.

  • Minimum enrollments are required.

  • Participants must use gender specific locker rooms or the provided family changing room.

  • Most classes are structured for small groups.

For the safety of the swimmers, please address any concerns you may have with the on deck coordinator.