March, 2020 Events Calendar




MUCH NEEDED GOOD NEWS during these challenging times:  From the comfort of your own home, JOIN US ON –
ZOOMZUMBA* (members only) & FACEBOOK LIVE!!!


(Email: to sign up)

Tuesdays and Thursdays at *4:30 pm with Millette
Wednesdays at *6 pm with Justin

* classes will be 30-40 minutes in duration.

For BOTH valued members & non-members alike, join our fabulous instructors EVERYDAY:

Thursday, 4/9, 9am KidFit/Anne-Margaret,
Friday, 4/10, 9am Cardio Dance/Gail
Saturday, 4/11, 8am Cardio Dance/Meshell
Saturday, 4/11, 10am Yoga Flow/Charlie
Sunday, 4/12, 9-9:30am Chair Fit & Fun/Lynnda
Monday, 4/13, 9am-Barre/Leah
Tuesday, 4/14, 9am-Cardio Dance/Gail,
Wednesday, 4/15, 9am-Stretch for Strength,
Thursday, 4/16, 9am-Barre/Mallory,
Friday, 4/17, 9am-Mat Pilates/Marcy,
Saturday, 4/18, 8am-Cardio Dance/Meshell,
Saturday, 4/18, 10am-Yoga Flow/Charlie,
Sunday, 4/19, 9am-MatPilates/Lynnda


More to come!!!

Click Here for BRSC 3.17.20 letter Update to members

Click here for 2020 Winter Water & Group Fitness schedule

Aquatics Lessons and Programs

BRSC has Something for Everyone in the water, too! Learning to swim is a valuable skill to learn and one that lasts a lifetime. From beginner and intermediate lessons to seasoned and competitive swimmers, you and your family will find the right fit for your needs here at our club.

For questions about lessons, please contact Aquatics Director, Kim Spina at 703-250-1299 or email her at

Pool Lane Availability
BRSC has a 25-yard by 25 meter, 196,000 gallon pool. It slopes from 3’ to 5’ of depth. Normal configuration of the pool yields 11 lap lanes and one walking lane. Instructional and competitive programming will restrict available lanes, depending on the day of the week and season. Normally, a minimum of two lanes is available. Importantly, for member planning, our pool is fully closed Monday–Friday from 3:30–7pm for swim programs.